Wilderness Rally 2010

dweller - August 27, 2010

Wilderness Rally in Beaverstone Bay, Ontario

chart 2204, sheet 4, GB-48.5.
July 27 to July 29, 2010

Story by Venetia Moorhouse; photos by George Bartlett and Jo Schneider

Mel and Sue Durchslag from Class Act organized the 2010 GLCC Wilderness Rally. Many of the 37 vessels arrived Monday, July 26, a day early. Rallyers gathered upon the placid waters of Beaverstone Bay and anchored on a mud or clay bottom north and west of Burnt Island with protection from the forecast winds.

As you may know, the Wilderness Rally evolved from what was once a wilderness gathering of half a dozen or so sailboats, for a “Chicago” hot dog roast. The hot dogs were provided by Rear Commodore Bud Zalon and his admiral Shirley, from the sail boat EZ Baby. Presently the tradition continues: Bud brings the wieners; ketchup not allowed!

At 1630 hours an impromptu Happy Hour began on the lee shore of a small nameless island near Burnt Island. This would be the site of all subsequent gatherings. Lively conversations ensued as old acquaintances were renewed and new acquaintances were seeded.

Tuesday morning, July 27, the first official day of the rally was declared by Mel Durchslag via channel 78A. We were also informed that, as of the moment each of us arrived, we became a participant in a Fishing Derby! Our scheduled evening gathering naturally shifted toward the lee of a thin stand of evergreens in the shade, with many tables full of gourmet hors d'oeuvres. We all ate and talked and talked and ate!! After some time, conversations became dominated by the obvious freshening SW breeze; however there was little wave action in the anchorage. Nevertheless, most of us became preoccupied with returning to our vessels to hear the latest forecast. Winds southwest, increasing tomorrow and shifting west were now called for. At least one of the rag haulers re-anchored closer to the windward bluff of Philip Edward Island on the west side of Beaverstone Bay.

By Wednesday afternoon a westerly near-gale chased the majority of the rag haulers and some of the stink potters to seek the protection of the bluff. One stink potter made a retreat into the Collins Inlet. Those of us anchored very close to the bluff circled aimlessly in the back eddies while some others anchored further out were subjected to momentary blasts from north and south. One boat reported consistent wind velocity of more than 30 knots. As for the roving cocktail party, the winds caused many to stay with their boats. However, some, including the author’s husband and guest, Ted and Val-le, were not dissuaded and upon return reported no difficulty.

Winds becoming moderate on the morning of July 29,Thursday, encouraged many to go on a dinghy expedition with Jim Wooll into the two bays (unreported in the harbor reports) just west of Beaverstone. In the afternoon dinghy races showed great enthusiasm with Darth Vader arriving.

1600 hours, we all gather, and Vice Commodore Mel Wallbank presented a 25-year burgee to Port Captain Marilyn Kinsey and Glen Brown from Adena. Mel took this opportunity to elucidate various of Marilyn’s contributions to furthering the objectives of the Club. Also Robert and Ivie Wightman from Midnight Sun were presented their Bayfield Award and burgee.  We were told some exciting stories from their travels. Mel and Sue Durchslag presented awards to the best fisher-person, Fred Richardson from Limestone Colpoy, for catching a 14.5-pound pike and a 12-inch bass and Venetia Moorhouse for catching a 6-inch perch. Prizes for the dinghy events were presented (see below).

The roasting fire was prepared by Jim Wooll, Ron Dwelle, Jorma Pronto, Bruce Arthur, and Richard Derks in preparation of the traditional Hot Dog roast. Again the wieners fetched all the way from Chicago by Bud & Shirley Zalon. Everyone contributed something to round out a yummy feast.

A sing-along was led by Philip and Althea Doolittle with guest songstress, Donna Creighton, of London Ontario. Eventually as dusk came upon us, we all returned to our vessels, both pleasured and wearied at the end of the 2010 Wilderness Rally.

Dinghy and Kayak Races

In kayak races, Harold Darch must have eaten his Wheaties, to paddle strongly, beating out three losers. Its a tough job losing, but somebody's got to do it!

Dinghies 2.5 hp and under, with 4 participants, Bill and Mary Jo Schaarf from Dolly won.

Dinghies 5 hp and under, with 2 participants, Charlie and Renee Brown from Rhapsody won.

Dinghies 8 hp and under, with 5 participants, Bill & Martha Newman from Eagles Wings won. An entertaining impromptu water splashing fight erupted at the start.

Dinghies 15 hp and under, Harold  & Sue Darch from Vision won, over 3 other competitors. All 4 racers indulged in an intense water bucket fight during the pre-start moments.

In the unlimited power class, handicaps were assigned, being a number of rotations around the turning point, Bliss. Jim & Sue Acheson from Lady J, won from among 3 participants. These participants refrained from any rowdy pre-race shenanigans and thus exemplified Corinthian yachtmanship, in accordance with GLCC tradition.

With the stink-potting concluded, the ultimate competition of an umbrella-powered downwind dinghy race commenced with Jim Rivers from Windward II and George Campeau from WhiteCapper crewing together to be the winners.

My recording secretary for the dinghy races was Val-le Furhuer and helper Ted Moorhouse.

WE ALL HAD FUN  !!  !!  !!

Rally Participants:

Acheson, Jim & Sue, Lady J
Arthur, Bruce & Anne, Okaga
Barkley, Ron & Mavis, PassePartout
Barnhart, Jay & Nancy, Janally
Bartlett, George & Dorothy, Lucretia
Brown, Charles & Renee, Rhapsody
Campean, George & Lynne, Whitecapper
Darch, Harold & Susan, Vision
Dirks, Richard & Sandra, Trifid
Doolittle, Phil & Althea, Morning Light
Durchslag, Mel & Susan, Class Act
Freeland, Mark & Becka, Melodie
Jamieson, John & Sarah, Cheroka
Kinsey, Marilyn &Glen Brown, Adena
Lucier, Joseph & Giselle, Jozel-Too
Matley, Bill & Sandi, Aloha
Mesenburg, Joe & Karen, Put 'n' Call
Miller, Rod & Marci, Windmiller
Moorhouse, Ted & Venetia, Fairy Tale
Neville, Lucyna & Steve, Lust 4 Life
Newman, Bill Martha, Eagles Wings
Ogur, Rogert & Ann, Rugo
Olney, Craig & Day, Toucan
Poranto, Jorma & Ann Lloyd, Kahlua III
Richardson, Fred & Loreena, Limestone Colpoy
Rivers, Jim, Windward II
Sawyer, Chip, Glider
Schaarf, Bill and Mary Jo, Dolly
Schneider, JoEllen & Ron Dwelle, Annwfn
Spillenkothen, Melissa, Soñador
Walker, William & Clare, Rangatira
Wallace, Richard & Marilyn, Kandu
Wallbank, Mel & Mariette Labosse, Bliss
Wightman, Robert & Ivie, Midnight Sun
Wooll, Jim & Bobbie, Reverie
Yetman, Vern, Happiness
Zalon, Bud & Shirley, EZBaby


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