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Fill out the form below to register for membership. You will then be directed with instructions on how to pay your initiation fee ($90 USD) and the yearly recurring dues ($155 USD).

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GLCC Membership Agreement

I wish to become/remain a member in good standing of the Great Lakes Cruising Club (hereinafter called the “Club”), to have full Member access to the website of the Club, to participate in any events sponsored by the Club and, if applicable, to subscribe to periodic printed material published by the Club, therefore I agree to become a party to this Membership Agreement (hereinafter called Agreement).

1. TERM: The Initial Term of this Agreement shall be one year. This Agreement shall renew automatically annually thereafter (each such period becoming a Renewal Term), unless either party provides the other with notice to terminate this Agreement prior to December 1st of any subsequent year.

2. MEMBERSHIP FEES: Upon execution of this Agreement, I agree to pay the Membership Fee and other applicable amounts in full at the commencement of the Initial Term when due. In addition, I agree to pay the applicable Membership Fee and other applicable amounts for each Renewal Term in the same manner. The Club will notify Members of the applicable Membership Fee and other applicable amounts in advance of each Renewal Term. I agree that the Membership Fee and other applicable amounts shall be paid by automatic deduction from my credit card, as set out in section 3 below.

3. PAYMENT AUTHORIZATION: I agree and hereby authorize the Club to charge my credit card, or any replacement credit card, for payment of my Membership Fee and any other amounts payable under this Agreement. I agree to pay my credit card provider all such amounts and to provide current, complete and accurate information for my billing account, and to promptly update any changes including changes in address, email account, credit card number, and card expiration date.

4. USE OF CLUB INFORMATION AND LIMIT OF LIABILITY: On behalf of myself and any other person designated herein as having full Member log-in privileges to the Club website or obtaining access to the Club website or any materials published by the Club with my consent:

  • I acknowledge that the Club’s “Log Book and Port Pilot” and harbor reports and all material on the Club’s website accessible only through the Member log-in, and the Club’s Membership directory are subject to copyright and that the same and all other Club products and records are intended for the private recreational use of members and I agree not to utilize them otherwise and that any violation of the foregoing will be adequate grounds for immediate termination of my Membership and that in such event, I shall on demand surrender such materials to the Club’s office without reimbursement and:
  • I agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Club, and its Officers, Directors, Employees and Agents against, and agree that none of them shall be liable for, any direct, indirect, incidental, general, special, punitive, or consequential damages arising out of the use of information contained in the Club’s website or any materials published by the Club or arising out of participation in or attendance at any Club activities. Without limiting the forgoing, should for any reason, by operation of law or otherwise, any portion of the forgoing limitation of liability be voided, then the maximum, sole, and exclusive liability of the Club, its Directors, Officers, Employees and Agents shall be limited in the aggregate to general money damages in the amount of the fees actually paid to the Club for the current initial or Renewal Term.

The forgoing provisions shall survive and remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any termination of this Agreement.

5. CLUB COMMUNICATIONS: I understand and accept that that the club may periodically send pertinent communications to me through email or postal mail. Where applicable I may have the option of opting out of certain types of such communications per discretion of the club. I understand that the club will not share my contact information with other organizations without my permission. 

6. NOTICE AND ACCEPTANCE: Notices under this Agreement may be given by electronic transmission, including email, fax or response on the Club’s website, or by postal mail to the last known applicable address of the party to be notified and shall be deemed to be received on the next business day after sending, in the case of electronic transmission, and on the third business day after sending in the case of postal mail. Electronic transmissions of this Agreement to the Club shall have the same effect as sending a signed copy hereof by postal mail. This Agreement shall be deemed to be accepted by the Club upon processing payment of the Membership Fee, or the first installment thereof, as applicable, or, in the case of a new Member, approval of such Member in accordance with the Club’s By-Law, whichever is later.

This constitutes the entire Agreement between the Member and the Club, no oral promises or verbal agreements are part of this Membership Agreement.