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January 24, 2021

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Just a quick second for you that there is plenty of water. As you go through the narrow don't be alarmed about the depth. It is plenty weedy so the depth sounder might not be seeing the bottom.

Also while transiting the Collins Inlet be on the lookout for deadheads. We passed two of them on our trip through a couple of weeks ago.


Went through Collins Inlet West to East a week ago. My draft 6’ +. Shallowest I noted coming through the Beaverstone North entrance was 7.5’. I stayed centered in the buoyed channel.


Looking for any recent cruisers who have visited this area this season. Our boat draws 6'5" so we have some concern if there is enough depth in the north entry going from Collins Inlet to Beaverstone Bay. The charts and harbor reports show good warning but with the water level up this year we thought there might be enough water for our boat. Information on current depths would be greatly appreciated.