Reverie's favorite Georgian Bay Anchorage

jwooll - September 6, 2017

Upper Beacon Rock Bay.  A very twisted entry leads ot a lovely spot.  I have never seen any other boat in here.


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I thought about a harbor report but decided that some areas are best left for the explorers. I had fun finding it and the way in and I hope others will have the same satisfaction.

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I wonder if you would consider writing a harbor report? I see there are no soundings in the area and no harbor report, which is probably why you have been alone. I also want to second Mel's remarks thanking you for your contributions. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

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Great to see you early this summer, Jim, though briefly. Sad news that you're moving on and your Reverie is now historie. Not so many members have contributed as much as you aboard Reverie to the cruising adventure — the GLCC's raison d'être. You're truly an intrepid sailor.