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Membership Definition 2008

Revised Membership Definition

in the

Great Lakes Cruising Club


Passed at the Board of Directors meeting October 4, 2008 in conjunction with the Annual Meeting in Chicago.


The Great Lakes Cruising Club, in recognition of the realities and economics of cruising as it exists in the 21st century, in order to facilitate the members’ access to the web-based operating model, and to encourage new memberships, will revise the definition of membership as follows:

Be it resolved that a Membership may consist of an individual or two persons in a family or domestic relationship.  Each Membership shall be a voting member, and shall have a single vote in matters in which a poll of the members is taken.

Each Membership will be sent only one copy of club mailings, log books, directory, Lifeline, burgees, or similar materials unless otherwise purchased separately.  Mailings will be addressed to both members at the single address designated on the membership or renewal application.  Both parties to a Membership shall have individual access rights to the members-only section of the GLCC website.  Each member will receive his or her own GLCC membership card and be individually listed in the GLCC directory, unless otherwise requested by the applicants.  A Membership of two persons created from an existing membership shall be assigned the same seniority date as the existing individual membership, unless a later date of formation of the partnership is requested by the applicants.  In the event that a Membership pair is dissolved by the members thereof, and each desires to maintain individual membership in the GLCC, their respective seniority dates shall be determined by the Commodore, having regard to their respective membership histories.

All privileges and responsibilities of GLCC membership are available equally to both members, including the privilege of participating on club committees, serving as Port Captain, or holding club office.

Passed by GLCC Board of Directors, October 4, 2008