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The GLCC Office - October 1, 2020

The Great Lakes Cruising Club's Board of Directors, via a Teleconference call on June 20th, has unanimously agreed to resume the remaining social calendar for this year, effective August 1, 2020, that were not previously cancelled.
Our events will strictly adhere to & follow all government restrictions & mandates regarding gatherings due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Additionally, A Covid-19 Waiver is required to be completed & returned to the office prior to attending an event by any & all persons attending a GLCC event until further notice.
It is further suggested you closely monitor the club's website for the latest updates on all remaining social events. This is the GLCC events page linkwhere any changes or guidelines regarding attendance at the remaining events will be posted. The event Chair persons information is also available there for any additional questions. 
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Canadian waters are also closed except if you must travel through them from one US port to another. You may not stop with a few exceptions. Please see
I have heard that there have been instances where the OPP has stopped boats and told them to return to US waters.
It is possible to traverse the Detroit River without going in Canadian waters by going up the the Trenton Channel on the west side of Grosse Isle. Watch the border line the rest of the way to Lake Huron.

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We intend to Cruise the Michigan shore in Lake Huron. I know at this point Canadian Ports are closed to us, but what about Canadian waters?
We are hearing that we should not venture into Canadian waters and some say OK, but don't check into a port.
Any guidance from US or Canadian members would be appreciated.