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What We Do

We help each other.

The GLCC was founded in 1934 to share cruising information among its members. It is still our core purpose. Our famous Log Book and Harbor Reports contains decades of detailed observations by our members, who have personally visited the areas, anchorages, harbors or waterways described in the individual reports.

Not all places have restaurants, grocery stores, medical facilities, and fuel docks. Just as when the club was founded, there are still wilderness and uncharted areas of the Great Lakes. Our reports are sometimes the only ones available for a particular location, including this anchorage in the Whalesback Channel, and this harbor in the Bay of Islands.

The harbor reports are viewable, printable, and saveable to your computer for off-line use while cruising.

Unlike commercial products, our harbor reports are constantly updated. They are maintained by our members in this "wiki" format on the Web. All GLCC members are, of course, encouraged to contribute their own observations, so we can continue to keep the reports up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

About 200 harbors have GLCC Port Captains. These dedicated individuals take special care of visiting members, and represent the club in a variety of ways. They are a great resource, especially when you are cruising outside your normal area.

Our collective experiences on the vast Inland Seas also provide great material for boating discussions and stories, wherever we get together. Besides our annual Rendezvous, we have rallies, flotilla cruises, and social events. However, most GLCC meetings just happen, because several members just find themselves in the same anchorage at the same time. We like having fun together.

Over 1000 Harbor Reports

Harbor Report screenshot

One of the great member benefits of joining the Great Lakes Cruising Club is access to our detailed Cruising Guides for over 1000 harbors of the five Great Lakes as well as Lake St. Clair. Our Harbor Reports are continually updated by fellow GLCC members, and the latest versions are immediately available on this website.

2022 Lake Erie Regional Fall Dinner Meeting

     The Cleveland Yachting Club in Rocky River, Ohio (E-11), is the site of the fall Lake Erie Regional Dinner on Sept. 10. Port Captain Ed Mahoney will host. The address: The Cleveland Yachting Club, 200 Yacht Club Drive, Rocky River, Ohio 44116.
     Cost for this year’s event will be $59 USD, which includes all taxes, gratuity, and credit card processing fees.

2022 Lake Superior Rally

     The theme for the summer 2022 Lake Superior Rally is “Friends-Ships.” Specifically, it’s about renewing old friendships and making new ones. The rally runs from Friday, Aug. 26 through Sunday, Aug. 28 at Pike’s Bay Marina Clubhouse (S-192.5), Bayfield, Wis.

Port Captain Introductions: Lou Bruska

     Lou Bruska, our newly appointed Port Captain for Holland Harbor & Lake Macatawa, Mich. (West) (M-24), has been a sailor for forty years. He and his wife, Laurel, bought their first boat in 1978, and started racing. After 15 Chicago-Mac races and countless buoy races, Lou now devotes his time to cruising.

Great Lakes Foundation: Silver Islet (S-128) Grant Update

ALL Great Lakes Cruising Club members,
     This email to the Foundation, which we've forwarded, is from one of our recently approved Grant applications. The original request was for funds to purchase a couple of 'header,' docks to launch the creation of a marina at the Silver Islet Harbour (S-128) on Lake Superior. Fortunately, our "seed," money helped spark an abundance of interest and financial support, to this worthy project. Their success so far has even exceeded their expectations, and they are now well ahead of schedule with their development of this harbour. 

July 6 2022 Harbor Report Updates

We're getting lots of updates now that the boating season is in full swing with content coming in from all of the Great Lakes. It's good to see so many who are actively helping keep the Harbor Reports current with their comments and emails. Thank you!

June 20 2022 Harbor Report Updates

The 2022 season begins! Updates for numerous harbor reports based on input from Port Captains and those who are underway to destinations unknown. Much appreciation for those who are actively contributing to the Harbor Reports.