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Resources and Relationships for Great Lakes Cruisers

Whether you’re an old salt or a novice, power boater or sailor, captain or crew, there’s always more to know about cruising the Great Lakes. Sharing information is what we’re all about. We are cruisers helping cruisers--to find remote anchorages; navigate locks and waterways; hone skills via online webinars; or connect with other cruisers and build friendships.

Many join GLCC to obtain access to our constantly updated online Harbor Reports--considered the most authoritative, accurate and up-to-date cruising documents on the Great Lakes. These reports provide detailed observations by members who have personally visited the area, anchorage, harbor or waterway. Is that restaurant still there?  What about propane, hospitals or groceries? What’s the best approach? Current depth? How can I avoid rocks and shoals in an uncharted anchorage? A GLCC report is sometimes the only information source available for a particular remote location. Plus each report contains first hand and useful details, as shown in these three sample reports for anchorages in Lake Superior, The North Channel and Georgian Bay

Unlike other guides, our reports are constantly updated – over 1000 since our start in 1934 — and regularly maintained by our members in a "wiki" format on the Web. They are viewable, printable and can be downloaded to your phone and computer for off line viewing while cruising. 

And our renowned harbor reports are just the beginning… 
•    Many harbors have GLCC Port Captains, who provide local knowledge and assistance-- especially helpful for cruisers outside their home waters.
•    A growing number of yacht clubs -- Great Lakes and beyond -- extend reciprocity to GLCC members.
•    Member discounts for marine services, products, marinas and gas docks are available.
•    Our online school offers live and recorded classes in all aspects of cruising. 
•    Collective member experiences provide priceless material for discussions, stories and boating tips. 
•    Besides our popular annual rendezvous, we arrange rallies, flotillas, and fun social events. 

But the best GLCC experiences just seem to “happen,” when members find each other in the same harbor, refuge, anchorage, wilderness or dock.  Having fun with fellow cruisers may be the best of all GLCC membership benefits.

Over 1000 Harbor Reports

Harbor Report screenshot

One of the great member benefits of joining the Great Lakes Cruising Club is access to our detailed Cruising Guides for over 1000 harbors of the five Great Lakes as well as Lake St. Clair. Our Harbor Reports are continually updated by fellow GLCC members, and the latest versions are immediately available on this website.

Tuesday in the GLCCSchool – Common Phrases with Nautical Origins

Nautical terms and phrases have found their way into our everyday speech. There are many everyday terms and phrases that are part of our language without us knowing of their nautical origin.

How nautical is your language? Find out by joining Steve Wyckoff this Tuesday as he takes you on a fascinating and fun journey through our English Language.

Don't forget all the GLCCSchool webinars are FREE for all GLCC members.

Thursday in the GLCCSchool – Marine Forecasting Apps

There are plenty of apps devoted to marine weather observations and forecasting, but which ones are worth your time and money and which ones really suite your needs. Let respected marine weather forecaster, Mark Thornton, help you to sort out the strengths and weaknesses of the popular marine weather apps.

Don't forget all the GLCCSchool webinars are FREE for all GLCC members

Proposed Transport Canada Changes

Transport Canada has primary regulatory authority over navigation and the operation of vessels on Canadian water. This is appropriate and in line with the constitutional authority of the federal government over Canadian waters. Transport Canada is considering providing provinces and municipalities with a greater role in managing waterways. This could result in waterfront property owners influencing municipalities to restrict or ban anchoring in, or transit through some Canadian waterways enjoyed by GLCC members for many years. After consultation with the Executive Committee and a few others, the GLCC has submitted our comments about the proposed changes to Transport Canada.

2023 Winter Lifeline is Out!

We have big news in this winter Lifeline! From FREE webinars for members, summer activities well into the planning stages and all the boat show info. It’s a very exciting time to be a GLCC member. Rochester, N.Y. (O-6), is our featured harbor, and it has lots of interesting attributes.

November 19 2023 Harbor Report Updates

It's the off-season and time to start planning your adventures for the next boating season! Will you venture into new waters?
The latest list of Harbor Report with significant updates is available with more to come in the near future.

2023 fall Lifeline is in!

Fall is coming but GLCC's Summer was a summary of adventures around the Great Lakes as GLCC’s numerous events were quite lively and entertaining. Inside the covers of this fall’s Lifeline, are full reports of all that happened, what’s happening and what’s coming up! We’re looking forward to the Lake Erie Regional Dinner Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio (E-10) and our late October Annual Meeting in St. Clair, Mich. (D-8) and hope to see you there.