GLCC extends their well-wishes to the town of Goderich

Shell - August 26, 2011

On Sunday 8/22, in only a few short minutes, a tornado had ravaged parts of this lakeside town, which calls itself "the prettiest town in Canada." It is now in a state of emergency.

One man is dead and another 37 people are reported injured.

Maitland Harbour did not sustain damage.The harbour is viable as a safe port of call and they do have hydro & fuel. Although It is recommended by Goderich City Hall that boaters not visit the harbour at this time due to damage in town, Several of the area restaurants are open for busness. 

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I have several friends with boats in Goderich and all their boats survived well. Amazing since the harbour is very close to the Sifto salt mine where the tragic fatality took place during the storm. The London Free Press has a huge assortment of pictures from the storm, over 180 at last count. Truly a devastating event for a beautiful Lake Huron town.