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GLCC Winter/December Lifeline Magazine is Here!

Authored by Cindy Badley
December 6, 2022

     We hope you are having a cozy holiday season. It won’t be long before the earth tilts us back into spring mode! Inside this issue of Lifeline, check out our new Commodore, Doug Jackson's article, past and upcoming event highlights that include our new Member Meetup event in Toronto.

     Boat shows are back (volunteers always welcome), and the GLCCSchool is in its 13th season!

     Special notes: 1) Please update your online profile as we will be sending your 2023 GLCC Membership Card in the spring. 2) We encourage your photo submissions for events and Harbor Report updates from the areas you have visited this past season.

     Wishing you happy, healthy and safe travels this winter!

     Please click here to access the 2022 winter Lifeline magazine, and here for updates and information on GLCC Events.