Buying a Used Boat in the Winter

mparm60 - January 12, 2014

We are considering buying a used boat this month. Does anyone have any advice?

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I did that with our current boat. In fact we agreed on the sale and price in November. However --- 1) I was looking for a specific boat and was very aware of what to look for when I examined the boat. 2) The sale was contingent on an acceptable survey, which did not occur until spring. It all worked out fine for us.

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If the boat is documented you can go online and request an abstract showing any liens.
If you can't do a seatrial due to time of year, require an escrow to cover potential issues at launch.

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Make sure you get a survey done by a reputable surveyer
Try to get maintenance records if available
If your not buying from the original owner (i.e. from new) find outn history and contact the previuos owners where possible
Make sure the boat is clear of any liens (i.e. no $$$$ is owing or will be paid if you buy) a lawyer may be required
I would not close the deal without a sea trial.