Recent North Channel trip

rbarzyk - September 4, 2009

On our recent North Channel trip we found this information, and believe it would be helpful to our fellow members.

#1-We had trouble with cell coverage in Little Current, even at the Anchor Inn, however 1/2 way up the hill, to the grocery stores we received excellent coverage, just across from the LCBO. I made several calls there sitting on a confortable rock..

#2-The Hayden Custom Meats, again across from the LCBO has a wonderful selection of deli meats, salami, sausages, and I believe will freeze them for you, if you have the time. Phone # is 705-368-2663.

#3- In Port Huron, we found 2 great supplies. One, is POMPELLI,  a pizza restaurant with outstanding food. About 2 blocks south of the new GLCC office right on Military Street. The second was 2 blocks further south, again on Military Street, a bakery called GREAT BAKES STATION at 1522 Military Street, and has wonderful breads & pastries. Both places are worth the trip. Actually the maraina , by the fire station, will drive you there & back on their golf carts.

#4- As you leave Spanish and head west one of the first "marks," one looks for is the day marker on Brewerton Island. A RED DAY MARKER however as we went  by, late July  2009,  we noticed the marker missing. The post and cement  foundation were there but not the marker itself. I did call this into  the Oceans & Fisheries of Canada, however  no report was presented back to me.

#5-While in Spanish, one must not skip the breakfast available at Le Bei Abri B&B about 500 yards north of the marina. A charming little place operated by a French Canadian woman named Carmen. Your invited into her dining  room where your given a royal breakfast, cooked to order, and with homemade jams. Cost was $8.00 Canadian, and worth twice that amount. She's a beautiful & pleasant hostess.

#6- In closing, I would like to add, we "spotted " GLCC burgees everywhere,  and in every anchorage & port we visited. We always found our fellow members polite, helpful, friendly and always willing to assist if possible. Much of my needed & important, " local knowledge,"  was provided by GLCC boaters. Our burgee should be flown with pride, for the recognition alone is  worth it's weight in gold.!

Rich & Patti  Barzyk





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Exactly right, both Bell and Rogers towers are up the hill and to the West, and both the GSM signal (Rogers) and CDMA (Bell) don't "bend" down the hill very well. Turners has a good repeater, and now the Anchor Inn has installed one as well. Both work with some level of success. Dockside in LC, there are several options for WIFI as well. Nothing works as well as a hike up the hill though. Perhaps with a stop at the LCBO on the way up. Or Down. In our general experience with voice and cellular data throughput we do ok everywhere except Baie Fine and the Dock at Little Current.

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The problem with cell coverage in Little Current is the location of the towers. They are west and high on a hill. Because of that, service in Little Current is best up the hill. Turners is suppose to have a repeater antenna in part of the store but I haven't tried it. East Rous is affectionately known as "Cell Phone Bay" because it is directly accross from the towers and the reception is great. US cell company will roam in Canada on either Rogers or Bell Mobility. Rogers has good coverage in the North Channel and I believe Bell Mobility may too. Their web site was acting up for me and I couldn't zoom in on the North Channel to see the coverage on their coverage map.

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Thanks for your recent observations. Can you tell us which cell phone service you were using? It seems that the different companies have different levels of coverage in different locations, so some may have good coverage where you had poor, and vice versa.