Lake Superior Storm Damage

Macknaw - July 17, 2016

Had plans for an extended cruise along South Shore of Lake Superior from the Soo to the Apostle Islands starting next week.  Does anyone have any advice on such a trip in light of the recent storms and damage.




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Despite the recent torrential rains, all Rendezvous attendees arriving by boat have safely traversed Superior's South Shore waters. Between the Apostle Islands and Superior Wisconsin this past Thursday, we encountered heavy debris offshore between Cornucopia and Port Wing, but saw few hazards otherwise. Saxon Harbor near the Michigan-Wisconsin border has devastated in the storm and significant debris has washed into the lake in that area, but except for debris moved to the east by currents and winds in that area there had been little problem from excessive rains further to the east. Caution and a sharp lookout are recommended along eastern Superior's South Shore, but Saxon.Harbor is the only place that cannot be visited while cruising this area of Lake Superior. That said, I would not recommend overnight navigation in these areas at this time, as you will want to maintain a sharp lookout.

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Avoid the ontonagon area and the black river area as there is debris floating in the water. otherwise it is good. Just came from a weeknin the apostle islands. Nice
Hope you have a nice trip

Dan Janke