Women Who Sail Rendezvous #3 - Belize (May 6-13, 2017)

JThorndycraft - March 19, 2017

Women Who Sail is a group of women (10,000+ worldwide) who exchange knowledge, issues and support through a FaceBook group. I personally have found the group to be an invaluable resource on a variety of sailing/boating topics and have used the connections I've made in the same way we have used the Great Lakes Cruising Club.

This year a group of women are organizing a trip to Belize (May 6-13) with six catamarans chartered and a number of Bring-Your-Own-Boats joining along the way. This will be my third year participating and it's been a wonderful experience - I can't say enough about it. If you are interested in finding out more about the trip, please contact me at julie@circle7.net.