Women Cruising by GLCCSchool Instructor & Circumnavigator

SailingKelly - September 25, 2014

Liza Copeland, one of our newest GLCCSchool Instructors, but also one of the most experienced, has teamed up with Sarah Curry on the topic of Women Cruising.  If you will be attending the Annapolis Sailboat Show on Thursday, October 9, 2014, then you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to see and meet Liza and Sarah.  Details for this event are at this website:  http://tinyurl.com/womencruising.  For those who have an interest in this and similar topics, the GLCCSchool will be presenting Sharing the Helm by Angele and Jim Passe, and Safety for Cruising Couples by Sheila McCurdy.