Wilderness Rally Dinghy Adventure

Bill Matley - June 11, 2017

As we get ready for the Wilderness Rally at Harbor Island, I had an e-mail from long time GLCC member,  Tim Van Every.

Tim and his wife own Gull Island, just 1 mile south west of the Harbor Island entrance.

 Here is what he wrote me.

"My name is Tim Van Every and I've been a long time GLCC member. We've never been able to attend a GLCC event because of our work schedule, but now that we're retired are considering attending the wilderness rally at Harbor Island.

My purpose in contacting you though is a somewhat unusual request. My wife and I have owned Gull Island, which is about one mile SW of Harbor Island, for many years. We've had the property listed for a few years and when we saw the flyer for the rally, we started wondering if you or any of the participants would have any interest in attending an open house at Gull. It's an easy dinghy ride from Harbor Island if it's not too windy. We can be totally flexible in arranging a time that fits your schedule if there's room, and can change at short notice if the weather doesn't cooperate. Even if some aren't interested in the property per se, they can at least get an idea of what island life in the North Channel is like and maybe help us spread the word. BTW, I'm not a realtor, though the property is listed though one.

So, let me know what you think. Either way we may end up seeing you up there in June. Thanks for your consideration."

So as a dinghy adventure, we'll have a sign up sheet available at the pancake breakfast.  Members who would like to visit Tim's island home can take advantage of his "Open House" offer.  I expect that Tim and his wife can give us a rare insite into life on your own island home.

You can get more information by following the link to his property listing