This week in GLCCSchool: Voyaging Realities and Routines

dancline - November 20, 2014

Join world circumnavigator Liza Copeland as she shares her experience in her webinar, Voyaging Realities and Routines, about "real life" on the open water cruising on a small boat. What is it really like to be at sea? The many tips in this seminar about departure routines and requirements; routes and world weather systems; storm avoidance and storm strategies; sails, sail plans and chafe; on board safety rules and watch-keeping routines; radio nets and resources; cooking, cleaning, fishing, seasickness, guests and crew will turn a possible nightmare into positive memorable experience.

This webinar starts GLCCSchool's 2014-15 season, and will be presented on Wednesday, November 19, at 8:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm Central. Click here for more information.