This week in GLCCSchool: Provisioning for Boat and Crew

dancline - January 30, 2014

How much and what canned, boxed and fresh food should be purchased? What about tools and spare parts? An experienced cruising couple offers helpful guidance for both boat and crew provisioning in this information-packed webinar, Provisioning for Boat and Crew, coming up Thursday, January 30, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Have you experienced a cruise where you found yourself short on important food or other supplies, and then arrived back home with bags of unused gear and consumables?  Joann and Chuck Mead have learned from years of extended cruising how to minimize and avoid the pitfalls of over and under-provisioning.  They review the ins and outs of proper provisioning including your cruise preparation for food, boat and medical supplies.  They address the variables introduced by anchoring vs marinas, large vs small crews, as well as short vs long cruises.  Storage, shopping, tools, spares, prescriptions, first aid and prevention items are all discussed in appropriate detail.

You'll be well prepared for your next cruise with the knowledge gained from this terrific webinar!