This Week at GLCCSchool: Provision Your a "New This Year" Great North Channel Anchorages Webinar

dancline - February 4, 2013

Provisioning your boat for an extended cruise is no easy task. Learn how to provision efficiently from Joann and Chuck Mead on Wednesday, January 30 in their webinar, Provisioning for Boat and Crew. On Thursday, January 31, experienced cruiser Jim Wooll will reveal the best places in the North Channel to park your boat in his brand new webinar, 30 Best Anchorages of Lake Huron’s North Channel. For information about other upcoming webinars and recent webinar recordings now open for registration, click here. See you in class!



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When I selected the 30 best anchorages I did so with lower water levels in mind. I don't thin that a six foot draft would have a problem in any of the 30. The marinas will be a different story.


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Thanks for your comment, Bill. Will email him directly.

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Thanks for the link and the prediction. Hoping for more, of course!

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I'm glad you enjoyed Jim's webinar, Robert.

I don't know that Jim will see your question in this comment, as this thread is not associated with his webinar. I'd recommend you instead email your question to him at the address given in the recording email for follow-up webinar recording questions. Alternately you could send your question to his address as found in the GLCC directory on this site.

Thanks again for your interest and support of GLCCSchool. We'll be looking forward to seeing you in other classes.

Bill Rohde, GLCCSchool Coordinator

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We finally were able to listen to the recording of the webinar last evening. Many thanks, Jim, for a great job and more than enough new ideas for our summer cruise. The pictures brought back lots of good memories and whetted our appetites.

You mentioned your draft being 4'3' and that being fine for most of these anchorages. Ours is a hefty 5'10". Any of these anchorages we need to avoid?

Then too, after the webinar, we turned to the Muskegon Chronicle and are wondering if we're even going to be able to get our boat out of anchorage in eastern White Lake. The level is down 19 inches from this time last year--now dubbed all time low for lakes Huron and Michigan-- and still dropping. We were sitting on the bottom at our slip in early October.

Anyone else along the east coast of Lake Michigan got any insights?

Robert Gulliver