This Week in GLCCSchool: Keep Cool with Marine Refrigeration!

dancline - March 28, 2014

Poor or broken refrigeration can doom your cruise. On Tuesday, March 25, expert Bob Williams explains the ins, outs, tradeoffs, and improvements for today's marine refrigeration installations in his webinar, Marine Refrigeration.

Bob will examine the refrigeration design and technologies available to today’s cruising boater. Refrigeration typically represents the single biggest onboard power consumer, in many cases more than all other loads combined. For this reason the presentation will focus as much or more on energy management as on managing food storage temperatures. Examples of efficient box design and types of construction material will be covered, as well as possible improvements that could be made to existing boxes. AC, DC and engine driven condensers will be discussed, including the latest variable speed control units. A general explanation will be given of a typical refrigeration circuit as it pertains to troubleshooting and diagnostics. If you have a refrigeration system on your boat, or want to install one, this is the class for you. Click here to register for class.