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Tuesday in the GLCCSchool – Understanding and Avoiding Thunderstorms

Authored by Mark Gagyi
April 2, 2021

Understanding and Avoiding Thunderstorms is a two-session (4 hour) webinar designed for cruisers who would like to reduce their chances of an encounter with one of these real life, hair-raising weather events. In this webinar you will explore why thunderstorms often seem to just pop-up on late summer afternoon, why some storms have a short life span while others can last for hours and why some storms pack a tremendous punch while others move by quickly.

Mark Thornton is one of the GLCCSchool’s most popular instructors and if you have enjoyed any of his previous webinars this presentation is right up your alley.  The old adage “forewarned is forearmed” certainly applies to this webinar. We invite you to join Mark on consecutive Tuesdays, Aril 6th and 13th as he delves deep into the world of thunderstorms.