Towing coverage?

Pearsonskipper - March 31, 2012

Hi all,

I've had both SeaTow & TowboatUS, and been happy with both, on the limited occasions I've needed to use them. At this point, I decide which to get based on coverage (SeaTow has no boats on Lake Champlain, for example). My plan for this season is to take my boat from Lake Champlain south through the Champlain Canal, then through the Erie & Trent-Severn Canals, up Georgian Bay, through the North Channel, & down Lake Michigan to Chicago. Can anyone give me some idea of which company has the better coverage?


Marsha Cutting, SV Resolute

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We needed a tow last year but were not near an area that had a TowBoatUS location. We had to get someone else to tow us, but TowBoatUS reimbursed us promptly. We had called them first so they knew we had an issue. Also, check your insurance policy. Many of us probably pay for duplicate towing insurance as it may also be part of our policy.

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I believe that Tow Boat US unlimited coverage for the Great Lakes and tributaries ( which include all rivers to the Gulf of Mexico, the Hudson river to the George Washington Bridge and the Tenn- tom to Mobile, Al.) is considerably less expensive than Sea Tow. I have had occasion to use Tow Boat US and their service was rapid, efficient and cost nothing with unlimited coverage.