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This Thursday in the GLCCSchool – Marine Diesel Maintenance Package and Marine Diesel Maintenance 101

Authored by Mark Gagyi
February 18, 2021

In the first webinar of the series, Marine Diesel Maintenance 101, master mechanic Jim Zima walks you through the routine you need to establish to keep your engine happy and running. Jim will cover essential maintenance tasks related to operating systems, maintenance logs, service manuals and his invaluable “Mechanic’s Tricks of the Trade.” If your serious about your diesel this is where to start.

The GLCCSchool’s Marine Diesel Maintenance 101 is available as an individual webinar or as part of the four-part Marine Diesel Maintenance Package. That package includes Marine Diesel Maintenance 101, Marine Diesel Fuel Systems, Marine Diesel Cooling Systems and Advanced Diesel Diagnostics.  Consider signing up for the package to save some money and to save aggravation out on the water.