Thursday in GLCCSchool: Lake Huron North of the 45th

dancline - January 22, 2015

Lake Huron is blessed with many wonderful and interesting ports and small towns up and down both the Canadian and Michigan shorelines. This season the GLCC is presenting two Lake Huron webinars roughly dividing the lake at the 45th Parallel. On Thursday, January 22, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern/7:00 p.m. Central, GLCC Log Book Editor Lou Bruska will share his cruising experiences of Lake Huron North of the 45th. Click here for more information and to register for class, or get both Lake Huron webinars for a Special Package Price.

This NEW webinar describes cruising along the Michigan shore of Lake Huron mostly north of the 45th parallel.  Veteran GLCC School instructor, Lou Bruska, wants you to know that whether you've just finished one of the two Mac races and want to spend a little time cruising in area before you head home, or you’re up North for the first time and don’t have enough time for a long North Channel cruise not to worry there's plenty to do in this corner of Lake Huron.  In his webinar Lou will present two short cruise options: a one week tour on Lake Huron North coast near the Straits of Mackinaw, and a two week trip down the Northeast side of Lake Huron to Presque Isle.  Both alternate between ports o’ call and anchorages.   The choice is yours!