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Strictly Sail 2010

Authored by Ronald Dwelle
February 1, 2010

Attendance at the Strictly Sail Chicago sailboat show, January 28-31, was surprisingly strong, and the GLCC booth did very well, signing up 16 new members. Shown here, left to right, are GLCC booth workers, Mel Wallbank, Becki Boehlke, and Lou Bruska.

Other members who worked the booth included:

Event Chair, Len Nowak
Ann and Tom Lyons
Joan and Richard Miller
JoEllen Schneider and Ron Dwelle
Jim Haring
Neils Jensen
Gary Wilson
Mariette LaBrosse
Tim Boehlke

Dozens of GLCC members also stopped by to say hello, and the booth was often crowded with prospective members—we won't be surprised if another dozen people who picked up membership apps send them in, in the next month.

Although the show exhibits were fewer than in the past, the crowds were large, in spite of bitingly cold weather in downtown Chicago. In past years, with the show ending on Super-Bowl day, there were always very few visitors on Sunday, but this year the crowds were substantial. GLCC members Niels Jensen and Ron Dwelle also drew SRO crowds for their seminars on cruising Isle Royale and the North Channel.

Especially to be thanked are Tim Boehlke, Len Nowak, Gary Wilson, and Lou Bruska who did the set-up and take-down of the booth, and Jim Haring who contributed his Verizon internet connection so that the GLCC web site could be demonstrated live (the Navy Pier people wanted $600 for a 4-day internet connection!).

Next year's show is scheduled again for the last weekend in January.