St Ignace Rondevous July 2019

Alan Clark - December 5, 2018

We are contempating going to the St Ignace GLCC destination from the Western Basin of Lake Erie (Catawba Island)

with our Sailboat (Anam Cara). we are looking for port recommendations going up the American Side with our first two stops being Bayview yacht club and second being Desmond Marine (Port Huron). We would like to do about 40 miles a day. and come back the same way-we are flexible in our time. Any thoughts or suggestions also if anyone else is interested in going.   Sincerely  Alan & Eileen





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Thanks to all involved and who we met and interacted with on our Journey, The Rondezvous was GREAT!
Thanks to those who put it together and Those we sailed with, Doug & Pam aboard Bleu Lagoon, Roger & Joyce aboard Summer Wind and Dick and Nancy Aboard Kindred Spirit. We both had such a great expierience for the 5 week trip.
We Especially enjoyed our side trip to Government Bay!
THIS is why we are grateful to be members of the GLCC!
Alan & Eileen

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Thanks we will be watching-Our Commodore was very helpful also and sent me an email with port suggestions.
We always plan for a weather window and HOPE to stay a little longer in some of the ports to enjoy them.
I know its early BUT we are early planners
Much Thanks

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Thanks ,When we docked there last time going up the river we used our fender board a lot!
Worth the time and cost of building it!

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Glad to hear you are coming to the Rendezvous. Two things that may be helpful are: 1. The GLCC School has a webinar on Cruising Lake Huron given January 9th (given by me). 2. There will be a Lake Huron Rally at Alpena, June 28, 29 convenient for folks planning to attend the St. Ignace Rendezvous.
Craig Murchison

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There is about a 2 knot current to fight up bound in the Detroit River and St. Clair Rivers so take that into consideration as you plan your trip. Also as you near the Blue Water Bridge the current really increases so hug the Canadian Shore to lessen the effects.

We usually did Harbor Beach (can anchor but beware that the gulls are noisy and watch your depths), Harrisville, Presque Isle (can anchor on the south or noth of the peninsula), Cheboygon (Duncan Bay where there are a number of GLCC members and can anchor). If these distances are too far, Lexington, Port Sanilac are nice. Port Austin is a little out of the way as is Tawas (but nice). Never been to Alpena as it too much out of the way. Rogers City is nice (Plath's Meats if you like smoked meats). Michigan marinas are resonable (about $1.30/foot) and I doubt you need reservations. Don't forget to give yourself some weather days and if you have the time, stay a couple of days at the marinas and enjoy the towns.

I expect there will be several boats heading to the rendezvous from Lake Erie so I am sure you can join other boats as you travel north. Good luck and hope to see you in St. Ignace.

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Went there last year. Thinking of going again this year. Want to comment on docking at Bayview YC and Port Huron, both I docked against pilings and was not happy with my fenders. Next trip I'll take a fender board with me. ie about 6 feet long, center on piling and put a fender near the board end.