SLR-1 to SLR-183, Upper St. Lawrence River

Ocean-Explorer - February 5, 2017

A number of years ago I put quite a bit of time and effort into compiling the section of Harbor Reports known as SLR-1 to SLR-183, Upper St. Lawrence River.  I have made an attempt to revise it on an annual basis to bring it up to date with regard to web links.  Others who have made that wonderful trip have made a few additions to harbor descriptions, photos, and general information.

It has been several years since I have been down the waterway, and I sold my beloved Ocean Explorer a year and a half ago.  Thus, my familiarity with the area has faded a bit, and will only continue to do so.  I would be most grateful if someone who has travelled the area recently, or will in the near future, would be willing to take over the oversight of this section.of the GLCC Harbor Reports.

Thanks in advance for any help that might be forthcoming.

Rich Fink

csunstrum's picture

As per recent direct email contact, I would be pleased to assume oversight of this section of the GLCC Harbour Reports. My husband and I have kept our sailboats in the Thousand Islands Region of the SLR for over 17 years. I started a review of these harbour reports late in 2016 in advance of the upcoming April 2017 webinar on Cruising Guide for the Bay of Quinte and the Thousand Islands. Unfortunately, I missed your web post in February (we were sailing in the BVIs!) -glad we finally connected :) I will work with Lou Bruska to build on the excellent work you have already done!!