Scupper Harkins

CoolChange - April 17, 2011

Hey Scupper what's up?  Cold, wet, windy in the Tri-State area.  Linda and I will see you quite a bit this summer as I have resigned my summer school teaching job. My retirement will begin May 24, 2012. How are the dog bones? Are Gary and Pat behaving themselves?

Seriously Hello to our friends Gary and Pat Harkins. Thanks for checking on the boat for us this past winter. We appreciate it very much and hope to return the favor.  Supper's note fills you in on the latest development in my 47th year of teaching and coaching. It is time for me to turn the page and devote more time and energy to Linda. We are coming up to wax the hull and decks ourselves this year! THAT WILL BE AN EXPERIENCE!!!!! We look forward with great anticipation to seeing all three of you and spending some quality time together.

With Fondest Regards, Linda and Dave Armstrong


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I found your post to Scupper, Patty and me on your blog. Nice to see that you have the proper pecking order!!! Ha Ha! Good to hear that we will be seeing more of Linda and you this summer.

Scupper, Patty and that other person