Recent Yachting Monthly article: Future of (UK) sailing

Adena-Marilyn - November 8, 2018

An interesting Yachting Monthly article about two studies regarding the future of sailing...

5 Key findings of the Marine Futures report:

  1. The Futures report identifies irreversible trends. The impact of the 2008 Financial Crash continues to be felt as disposable income remains under pressure. Future generations have less desire to own assets such as cars or boats.
  2. The Futures research would indicate that many Millennials see boating as a sport where 20-30 year olds prefer functional and lifestyle experiences. The leisure boating sector has historically sold products rather than lifestyle benefits, and what is clear is that new generations are not attracted by detailed information or the traditional learning models, such as undertaking a training course.
  3. There is also less desire to become a ‘Club’ member and own expensive assets such as boats and all that this entails but more importantly, finding access to equipment or the opportunity to try something new is what future consumers desire.
  4. Millennials are seeking a range of different experiences and the participation in just one or two hobbies or sports such as regularly sailing or boating is becoming less appealing.
  5. Consumers expect instant gratification and lack the patience to break barriers such as finding a boat and joining a club. The solutions must be easily accessible. Sailing and boating can be seen to be both complex and confusing and it is vital that such barriers are identified and removed wherever possible.