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Port Captain Introductions: Amy Babinchak and Missy Siudara

Authored by Cindy Badley
October 26, 2022

Let's give a warm welcome to newly appointed Port Captains for St. Helena Island, Mich.(M-71), Amy Babinchak and Missy Siudara! Here's a little about their boating experiences...

     Amy and Missy bought their first sailboat in 1990 right after landing their big jobs post-college. A sailboat was chosen for the most important of reasons – there was no money for gas to feed a powerboat. A 27 Newport was chosen for these other important reasons: affordable, loaded with gear, and it fit behind Amy’s parents’ house on a canal off Lake St Clair. 

     Missy’s dad provided a printed copy of the GLCC harbor reports, making her a second generation GLCC member, and off they went. After a decade of tiller steering a small boat in the big lakes and thinking every time “this would be so much easier in 10 more feet of boat”, they graduated into a 1976 Pearson 365 Ketch that they still have today.

     They can be found mostly in the Straits area these days. Their home harbor is Duncan Bay Boat Club. St. Helena is one of their favorite anchorages. Drop a line when your there!