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Now available as a recording in GLCCSchool – Boat Insurance Basics

Authored by Mark Gagyi
April 12, 2024

The GLCCSchool is happy to present Mike Smith, founder of the Global Mariane Insurance Agency, as he discusses Boat Insurance Basics. In this brand-new webinar Mike will examine the essential insurance coverage features you need to have and understand.

Mike will take time to look closely at coverage types, claims issues, and common pitfalls. He will look at the considerations you should make when selecting a boat insurance policy and an insurance provider. Additional topics will include policy pricing, common claims issues, the anatomy of a boat policy, and detailed explanation of various coverage issues.

Mike Smith is both a boater and an expert in boat insurance. He is the co-founder and past President of the Global Marine Insurance Agency, and is a former board member of the National Marine Lenders Association. He has over 60 years of boating experience, and is a national instructor for yacht insurance.

Register now at the Great Lakes Cruising Club School.

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