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Now Available as a Recording - Electrical System Package: Solar Power Systems and Lithium Battery Technology

Authored by Mark Gagyi
January 14, 2022

The GLCCSchool is very happy to bring back Tom Trimmer’s outstanding Electrical Systems Series that he has custom designed for Great Lakes Boaters. In the first webinar in this series, Solar Power Systems for Great Lakes Boaters, Tom will walk you through the components of a solar power system, how to determine what is best for you and how-to layout an effective and efficient design. 

The second webinar in this series, Lithium Battery Technology for Cruising Boaters, will be presented on Thursday, February 10th. In this session Tom will jump into the various considerations you must take into account before making the leap to lithium batteries.

Tom Trimmer is the founder and owner of Custom Marine Products, a company specializing in marine solar systems designed for cruisers. Tom earned his degree in mechanical/electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and has over 20 years of experience in the marine industry. On top of that Tom is a Great Lakes cruiser who, with his wife Nancy, spends 4-6 weeks each summer in the beautiful North Channel.

These webinars maybe taken separately or you can register for the Electrical Systems Series Package and receive both webinars at a $10.00 discount.

Register now at the Great Lakes Cruising Club School.