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Now Available as a Recording – Cruising the Down East Loop

Authored by Mark Gagyi
March 29, 2024

The Down East Loop (also called the Down East Circle Route) is a doable summer adventure for most Great Lakes cruisers.  At a comfortable cruising speed, this Loop can be completed in as little as 60 days.  The cruise, which combines favorable currents and prevailing westerlies, give you the opportunity to see things you never see on our Great Lakes --- like seals, puffins and whales. 

GLCC members, Gold Loopers, GLCC Admiral Bayfield Award winner and recent Down East Loopers Deb and Mike Hervey will answer many of the most common questions about the loop in this totally new GLCC School webinar: What is it like to live together on a boat for a year?  How difficult is it to navigate the Erie Canal?  What was your biggest challenge? How does it feel to boat past the Statue of Liberty?  On top of that, Deb and Mike will be sharing tips and suggestions to take some of the mystery out of the trip and help you gain the confidence to do the Down East Loop.

Mike and Deb Hervey have both sail and power experience.  And as high school sweethearts they have lots of experience working together as a team on the water.  Their cruising experience includes the Great Lakes, the New England area and of course the Great Loop.

If you dream about a summer (or two) of cruising to new places, join Admiral Bayfield Award winners Mike and Deb Hervey for their presentations of Cruising the Down East Loop and Cruising America’s Great Loop.

Register now at the Great Lakes Cruising Club School.

Want to learn more about this webinar and its presenters? Check out the GLCC YouTube channel.