North Channel Bound Summer 2018

barnacles - December 19, 2017

I am planning another trip up to the North Channel and was looking for some imput on new places to explore. Back in 2015 we went to Covered Portage Cove, Baie Finne, the Benjamin's, Drummond Island, Collins Inlet, Little Current, Kilarney. I think that was everything. Does anyone have any places they would like to share with me for this years trip?



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While you planning your cruise here is something to consider:

On February 13 the GLCC School will present "30 Favorite North Channel Anchorages." This is an extreme popular webinar and this year it will be presented by Joe Mckeown. Joe has lots of North Channel experience begining with his first trip to the North Channel as a a young boy on his family's cruiser. In addition, latter this year the GLCC School will present another popular North Channel webinar, Roy Eaton's "North Channel Ports." These two webinars are packed with tons of North Channel cruising information.

Just in case you are not familiar with the GLCC School click our name in the gray bar at the top of this page

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If you get to the west of the North Channel, my favorite spot is Long
Point Cove, NC53, stop in at the North Channel Yacht Club NC54 for an afternoon maybe a shower, Turnbull Harbor NC55 is nice, Bear Drop Harbor NC51 and Bear Fall Cove NC 50 are on opposite sides of the same cannel. Blind River NC69 is a very charming town with a marina and provisions available,

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Barnacles's. Suggest you also read the historical review on the North Channel, written by long-time member Howard Blossom. It's similar to the report suggest by Joann, NC-0, however provides greater historical information. It can be found under the Harbor Reports/Appendix/Ideal Cruise. It is interesting read, and will help you in your travel planning.

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Ahoy Barnacles!
If you can make it to the GLCC Wilderness Rally (July 10-14 Keyhole Harbour) and/or the GLCC Rendezvous (July 15-19 in Killarney), I am sure you will meet up with GLCC members who will have lost of tips about where to go in the North Channel :) We are also headed back up to Georgian Bay next summer from Lake Ontario (starting out from Trenton June 23 following GLCC Lake Ontario Rally). Maybe our paths will cross!

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Barnacles's... I concur with those mentioned recently. I'm adding these suggestions. On the Manitoulin side, Gore Bay. On the mainland, Snug Harbour, off the Lansdowne Channel. Spanish Horbour. Bruce Mines for provisions. Hilton Beach on St. Joseph Island. The bay between Killey pt. & Kensington Pt. is locally referred to as Anderson Bay, for anchoring. . You can dingy to Desbarats for provisions & LCBO. The St. Joseph Channel is considered by many to be the most beautiful area in the western portion of the North Channel. Anchor between Snapper Island & Picture island, near Whiskey Rock. Dead Boy cove is near-by, on the Campement D'ours Island. Just beyond the Twyning Island Bridge is Richard's Landing, on St. Joseph Island for provisions, & a LCBO. If your a sailor, you'll need to check the height of the clearance of the Twyning Bridge.'s picture

We like the more secluded/quiet coves to anchor in. Our favorites are Thomas Bay, Usual Reason Cove and Long Point Cove, just to name a few. There is so much to see in the North Channel and we hope to be up there again this coming 2018 summer. Looking forward to seeing the "gang" in Killarney for the Rendezvous.

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Beardrop Harbour is our top recommendation for you.

Moiles Harbor and Sturgeon Cove are two more places we really enjoyed.

Enjoy the trip! We have been there four times and loved every one!

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We did stop at Heywood Island too. Let me know of your favorite places we can explore.