A North Channel - bit of news

Bill Matley - January 23, 2009

This evening, my sons and I were soaking in an Orland, Florida hot tub when a couple joined us.  While making small talk we asked where they lived and they replied, Manatulin Island, to which I said "what part?"

The couple was "Stunned", they remarked that "no one had ever asked what part of Manatulin Island they lived on".

Little did they know that they had slipped into a Florida hot tub with GLCC members and North Channel cruisers of over 20 years!

We talked about Hawberrys and white fish for half an hour until the word "Farquhar's" was mentioned.

I am sad to report that Farquhar's Dairy no longer makes icecream on the island.  Our new friends told us that the island creamery was torn down and all ice cream now is made in Espanola.

They told us that a California, couple purchased the resturant in Meldram Bay, having purchased it over the Internet, sight unseen!

They report good progress on a new breakwater at Meldram Bay and the docks should be installed this year.

The economy is really hurting the people of the North Channel, they are hoping for low fuel prices and lots of boaters this summer.

Just though you would like some gossup.


Bill Matley