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Google Earth Adds Great Lakes

dweller - April 14, 2009

 The Google Earth internet viewer has now added the Great Lakes to its "oceanic" views. With the viewer, you can see underwater features of all the Great Lakes. Details are here... Note that you will have to download and install a viewer add-on to make the program work.

Ohio Sea Grant Mag

dweller - March 26, 2009

 The Ohio Sea Grant's award-winning magazine, Twine Line, is now available free on the internet ($10 for mailed copy). Go to their web page to download it.... In addition to their magazine, the Ohio Sea Grant also has available a number of fact sheets and guides that would be usable and interesting to the Great Lakes cruiser, such as their 96-page guide to the Bass Islands. These publications are accessible from the same website, and most are downloadable, free.