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Duluth Maritime Festival

JensenNR - September 20, 2008

Several GLCC members from the Lake Superior Region participated in the popular Duluth Maritime Festival, which was held in early August. Click here to see the official site for the event. It includes both a video clip and photo gallery.


Record Rainfall Causes Sewage Dump

dweller - September 19, 2008

The record rainfall last week in Chicago overwhelmed the  deep tunnel and surface reservoirs, resulting in 99 billion gallons of stormwater and sewage being dumped into Lake Michigan. Here's a newspaper account...

The deep tunnel—a major engineering marvel, shown in the photo—will be toured by GLCC members attending the annual meeting in October.

To put it in perspective, this sewage dump would be the equivalant of 247,500,000 boats dumping their 40 gallon holding tanks into Lake Michigan