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Powerboat Sinks at Hangdog Point

wjames - September 3, 2008

Attached is a photo of a $1.2M fully instrumented power boat that reputedly followed a local fishing boat that cut the corner at Hangdog Point in Georgian Bay. It was the second boat to hit the rocks in 2 weeks. I will be adding some notes to this part of the GLCC Harbour Reports.

Copper Harbor Marina Resumes Gasoline Sales After Removing Ethanol Blend

JensenNR - August 14, 2008

The Copper Harbor Marina, MI, has resumed sale of gasoline. The prompt resolution of the fuel problem is greatly appreciated by the boaters, who cruise the Keweenaw Peninsula. 

There were several instances of the engines stalling in boats, which had taken on gasoline at the marina. The fuel contained ethanol, which is known to cause serious problems for some gasoline-powered boats elsewhere in the nation. The marina’s tanks were pumped out and refilled with premium (non-ethanol) gasoline.

Please see the Michigan Department of Natural resources announcement at: