NC-14 Gore Bay propane

dweller - July 29, 2018

Came into Gore Bay to get a propane tank refill, only to discover that the marina no longer offers that service. Harbormaster Lee said there were problems with liability, with tanks that were out of compliance, etc. He does not expect the service to be re-instated

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If you are lucky enough to have a bicycle on board an option is a 3 Kilometre bike ride from Gore Bay Municipal Marina to the H&M Mini Mart that is situated at the junction of Hwy 540B and the 540, south of town. I was able to fill my 10 lb (3.6 KG) tank today for $15.00.

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Propane filling stations are very rare on the water in the North Channel. Propane filling station restrictions were tightened significantly following a massive explosion at a propane transfer station in Toronto in 2008.
Although the explosion was due to an already illegal and dangerous improper transfer, it became uneconomical for many operators to keep propane filling stations operating post 2008.
There are filling stations inland and some marinas will accept your tank (although apparently not Gore Bay) and drive it inland where it can be filled for a small fee. The only propane that I have found on the water is at Birch Island NC-85 (McGregor Bay side). They have a refill station there that primarily services the numerous cottages in McGregor Bay. However the docks at the marina are only suitable for boats up to about 22 ft and it is a hazardous and rock strewn journey in to the marine where local knowledge is hugely beneficial. When I filled there, I came in from Baie Fine on my friend's (fast) dinghy and was able to get my tank small tank filled right at the dock. (They thought my 5lb tank was quite funny as they are used to filling 40 and 100 lb tanks to supply cottages) I wrote this up in the Birch Island Harbour Report last year. If you decide to fill at Birch Island, It would be prudent to anchor east or northeast of Wardrope Island and dinghy the remaining 3 miles in to Birch Island. It is also accessible from the Bay of Islands side if you are willing to walk a little less than 1 km across to the McGregor Bay side.