Navionics Lake Houron PLATINUM Compact Flash 4 GB

Bjorn Gabrielsson - May 8, 2015

Hi.I am trying to locate a Navionics  Lake Houron PLATINUM Compact Flash 4 BG Scan Disk Card for our  month of July L

ake Houron and the Geogian Bay crousing. Our boat is equiped with a Raymarin  E-120 Classic which have  the lates soft ware upgared V 5.69  .  I have purchased an Navionics Lak Houron PLATINUM + Compact Flash Scan Disk Card  which is 8 GB. Howver thie larger 8 GB caompact falsh card is not fully copatible with the our Raymarine E-120 due to lack of RAM memeory in the multy functional display. Occasionaly works but slow and than locks up !! Not safe.

I have the Lake Erie and Lake Ontirario Navioncs regular Platinum 4 GB comact flash cards  and those works realy fast, GREAT. the regular Navionics Platinum 4GB Coamact Flash card have been dsicontiuned 3 years ago.

If someone has a Navionics PLATINUM Lake Huron Coampact Falsh 4 GB  FOR SALE  i would be happy to pay the full new price of $200 for ths card . If some one  could copy their  Lake Houron card on a 4 GB  Coampact Falsh Card by Scan Disk I would be extremy happy to reimpbures what ever it cost to get that done.

Thanks for consideing my request for HELP !

Bjorn E. Gabrielsson

3455 Tuscarora Dr

New Castle PA 16105

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Hi Bjorn -

I have a Great Lakes and Maritimes CF card that I could perhaps loan you for the summer if you're interested. It works in both our Raymarine 425 and A65 Chart Plotters plus our Laptops running FUGAWI, so should work just fine for you. I purchased the card in 2007 so it wouldn't have more recent chart updates, but it may be more than adequate for your use. We found our Navionics cartography was spot on for both the Great Lakes and Maritimes. We can certainly lend it out for the summer as our boat is presently waiting out the 2015 hurricane season in SE Georgia after cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean for the past several winters. If interested feel free to call me at 651-633-9028. - Bill

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I am Bjorn Gabrielsson.
Pleas help if possible with a Navionics Lake Houron Compact Flash Card 4 GB