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Member Referral Discount

Authored by Cindy Badley
April 26, 2022

     Have you ever been chatting with a fellow boater about the GLCC who is potentially interested in joining? Many of us do so while we’re cruising or strolling the docks. So why should this potential member have to wait until a boat show to get a discount?

      Starting now, the club is initiating a member referral discount where you give the prospective member an immediate $25 discount off the initiation fee if they sign-up within a two-week window.

The process is simple.

     1.    You can pre-print coupons in advance, or you can simply use a boat card or piece of paper. (Click here for a pdf that has multiple coupons on one page).

     2.    Include your name and the date issued on the coupon or paper and give it to the individual. 

     3.    Get their name and their contact information (phone number or email address). 

     4.    Send their contact information (name and phone number/email) to the GLCC office with the date you recorded on the coupon/paper.


1)  What specifically do I need to do to invite someone to join with a discount?

     Give them a coupon with your name and the date issued.

2)  Do I need to tell the office about coupons I've handed out?

     Yes! Make sure to let the office know as soon as possible when you give out a coupon. The GLCC office

     will only honor the discount for those individuals they have recorded on their list.

3)  What information does the office need to ensure the discount is honored?

     They need the name of the potential new member, their email address or phone number, and the date

     the coupon was issued.

4)  What specifically does the candidate need to do to receive the discount?

     Call the GLCC office.

5)  Is there an expiry date for the discounted initiation fee offer? 

     The coupon is good for two weeks from the day it was issued.