Launch Day Approaches

dweller - May 18, 2009

 A hectic two weeks of work is leading up to launch day, Tuesday, May 26, the day after Memorial Day. This is the latest launch for us in the last 25 years--the result of bad weather, GLCC weekend meetings, delays in parts orders, and other things.

Finally received our new motor mounts, shaft, and flexible coupler last week and were fortunate enough to get them installed more or less satisfactorily this past weekend. Installation involved Jo crawling over the engine and into the 16 cubic feet of empty space in order to remove the old motor mount and install the new, while I hoisted the engine with an 8-foot I-beam lever. Re-installing the feathering Max-prop was another challenge, and getting the engine roughly lined up took the better part of a day.

Jo's brother Art waxed the hull last weekend while the motor work was going on. This coming weekend, we have a normal to-do list:

Take to boat


flourescent bulb

17 mm wrench



dinghy motor?


tighten flange bolts

wire flange

fill transmission

paint bottom

uncover fuel tank vent

check fuel level/oil level

add anti-freeze

Prep mast


bottom paint

manuals and papers

With luck, we'll be ready for launch a week from tomorrow and then head over to our slip in Duncan Bay.