The Lakes in 3008

dweller - September 9, 2008

Here's a projection of what the Great Lakes will look like in 1000 years, if current trends continue. Open the full-size image.

In the map, the current outline is shown in light blue; the dark blue shows what the lakes would look like in 3008. The most dramatic change would be at the western end of Lake Erie and the connecting channels between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Toledo would then be 75 kilometres distant from the shores of Lake Erie, and Detroit, Windsor, Sarnia and Port Huron would at most be along a minor stream. Lakes Michigan and Huron would be the other lakes most severely changed. The southwestern end of Lake Michigan would have retreated 25 kilometres away from Chicago and Calumet Harbour. 

The "Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative" carried out this exercise to show the significant potential effects that could result from the impacts of climate change on water levels in the Great Lakes and to show the potential impact of human-generated climate change on the Great Lakes.