JustAroundThePointe 2020 Great Lakes Expedition

Traci Martin - December 26, 2019

Hello. My name is Traci Lynn Martin. In 2020 I will be attempting to circumnavigate by kayak around all 5 of the Great Lakes, something which has never been done before, and in the process bring awareness about how people live everyday with chronic pain. I have Rhematoid Arthritis, and many days its a challenge to get up and keep going, but I know that its what you have to do when struggling with a chronic health condition.  

I am asking other GLCC members if they will be willing to help me when I arrive in your area. 

I will have a support truck that will shadow me along the shoreline, and I am asking members if they can help ,me find locations along the water where the support truck can park overnight. I am trying to avoid campsites that I have to pay for, because this 10 month long kayaking expedition is doing done on a bare bones budget, and I frankly do not have the money to pay for a campsite every night. 

If you know anyone that has a marina or parking lot the truck can park at overnight, that would be wonderful. 

I am also looking for anyone who would like to be a part of my expedition and spend a week or longer to help drive my support truck. I will cover all of the gas, I am just looking for drivers. 

Thank you for reading. If your intrested, you can contact me or text me at 816-536-1384.

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Wayne, thank you for your offer to help!
Its GREATLY Appreciated!
We are looking at the end of May. You can follow my progress at:
RaceOwl is an independent company that is monitoring my progress through my two Global Tracking devices.
I am carrying both a 1) SPOT Global Tracker and 2) Garmin InReach
You can monitor my location and progress 24/7.
Go to
then click on JustAroundThePointe2020
Then click on "View All"

Then click on either GPS symbol. Personally, I like the InReach better. It gives more detailed information.
(If your using your phone, you will have to scroll over to find it - because the screen is small)
Please let me know if you have any problems locating my position.
My phone number is 816-536-1384
My support drivers number 989-550-7708 .. Mary Kuziel.

Thank You again!