sleonard - March 1, 2018

Hi folks,

I am a US citizen, but recently purchased a Canadian boat, which I plan to keep in Canada. I can't seem to find an insurance underwriter who can accommodate my circumstances. I have other watercraft insured with BoatUS, but they tell me that they can't cover a Canadian boat. I have tried several Canadian underwriters, and they say they can only cover Canadian residents. 

My boat has an owner in the wrong country, or I am an owner of a boat in the wrong country! Go figure. 

Anyway, I am sure that there is someone, somewhere in the Club who can pilot me in the right direction. Any advice is much appreciated.

Steve Leonard
Carrboro NC

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Please contact Andrew Robertson. I have confirmed with him this morning that he can provide coverage if the boat is staying in Canada. Good luck! Kathryn Braun
Andrew Robertson, SR Vice President
Skippers' Plan

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I think I have enough suggestions to work on for a while. If I can't get something set up, I will invite more comments.
Many, many thanks to those who offered their generous advice.
Steve Leonard

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This list was from an article in Cruising World about insurance. IMI was mentioned in a previous post.
Good Luck!
Toledo Ohio
Allen Insurance & Financial
BoatUS Marine Insurance
Gowrie Group
International Marine Insurance Services
Jack Martin & Associates
Pantaenius America

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I have long used International Marine Insurance Services (IMIS) out of the Annapolis Area. IMIS specializes in insurance for "couple cruisers" who are cruising outside the United States, although of course their insurance also applies within the US. I've used them for several years when we were cruising in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Click I've worked with Rachel Sloan, Heather Kreckman, and Company President Al Golden over the years, and have had excellent support and service. Unfortunately I believe the insurance carrier the club has negotiated special rates with, the Coleman Agency who represents Travelers Insurance, does not insure out of the US.

Best of luck in your search, Steve.

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I’m an American and have a camp in Killarney wit a Canadian registered boat. No problem getting insurance.

Suggest you try Rice INC. at 800-579-7423. Ask for Chris or Ed

Good luck.