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Complete 2019 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:
E-13 Lorain
E-16 Sandusky
E-18.5 Middle Bass Island
E-24.5 Abino
GB-1 Cove Island
GB-7 Lion's Head
GB-12 Wiarton
GB-27 Penetang Rock to Twelve-Mile Bay
GB-27.9 12-Mile Bay
GB-28 Moon Island Area
GB-28.1 Wreck Island
GB-28.3 Five Finger Bay (Kinnear Island)
GB-28.4 Ruddy Bay
GB-28.5 Shotgun Cove
GB-30 Amanda Island to Parry Sound
GB-31 Parry Sound
GB-37 Twin Sisters Islands to Isle of Pines
H-3 Port Franks
H-21.5 Dorcas Bay
H-22 Eagle Harbour
H-23 Warner Bay
H-28 Indian Harbour
H-54 Lexington
H-61 Bay City
H-63 Tawas Bay
H-64 Oscoda (AuSable River)
H-66 Alpena
M-6.4 Sommersset Pointe
M-37.5 DuSable Harbor - Chicago
M-71 St. Helena Island
M-72 Cruising Green Bay
M-89 Summer Island
M-89.5 Fairport
M-90 Sac Bay
M-96 Nahma
NC-3 Burnt Island
NC-4 Whiskey Bay
NC-5 Sterling Bay
NC-7 Pilot Cove
NC-20 Amedroz Bay
NC-21.2 Indian Channel
NC-29.2 Sturgeon Bay
NC-29.4 Jumbo Bay
NC-35 Pilot Islands
NC-41 Buswell Bay
NC-43 Aird Bay
NC-46 Aikens Island
NC-50.2 Whaleback North
NC-50.5 White Chart Cove
NC-54.5 Nobles Island
NC-58 Mississagi Island
NC-60 French Island (New Report)
NC-64 Macbeth Bay
NC-67.5 Joe Dollar Bay
NC-70 Kensington Point
NC-71 Killaly Point Cove
NC-73 Dead Boy Cove
NC-74 Gawas Bay
NC-83 Baie Fine (Bay Finn)
NC-91 West Mary Island
O-1 Cape Vincent
O-1.5 Chaumont
O-2 Sackets Harbor
O-2.5 Henderson Harbor
O-5.7 Irondequoit Bay
O-6 Rochester
O-12 The Bay of Quinte
O-13 Kingston
O-17 Stella Bay
O-18 Kerr Bay
O-19 Prinyer Cove
S-00 South Shore Overview
S-82 St. Ignace
S-110 Swede Island
S-115 Shaganash Island
S-120 Pringle Bay
S-121.5 Walker's Channel
S-122.5 Horseshoe Cove
S-130 Sawyer Bay
S-131 Amethyst Harbour
S-136.5 Thompson Island
S-137 Sturgeon Bay
S-138 Jarvis Bay
S-138.5 Spar Island (West)
S-139 Cloud Bay
S-142 Victoria Cove
S-144 Pine Bay
S-156 Pickerel Cove
S-159 McCargoe
S-160 Todd Harbor
S-192.5 Port Superior & Pike's Bay
S-197.5 Presque Isle River
S-220 Grand Marais
S-220.6 Whitefish Point
94 reports     346 pages