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Complete 2018 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:
E-3.5 Barcelona Harbor
E-4 Erie
E-5 Conneaut
E-6 Ashtabula
E-6.5 Geneva State Park
E-16.8 West Harbor
E-21.6 The West Shore
E-21.9 Otter Creek
E-24 Fort Erie
E-27 Port Dover
E-27.5 Turkey Point Marina
E-30 Port Bruce
E-33.5 Sturgeon Creek
GB-6 Wingfiel Basin
GB-22.4 Wye Heritage Marina
GB-24 Port Severn to Tomahawk Island
GB-25.2 Beausoleil
GB-25.7 Minnicognashene Island
GB-26 Tomahawk to Twelve-Mile Bay
GB-26.2 Longuissa
GB-41.6 Laramie Bay
GB-41.7 Champlain Island
GB-43.2 Pickerel River
GB-43.5 Outer Fox Islands
GB-43.6 Fox Island Area
GB-43.9a Gateway Islands
GB-46.1 Rattlesnake Bites
GB-48 Grondine Point
GB-50.5 Keyhole Island Area (2018 Wilderness Rally)
GB-51.9 Dufois Bay
GB-52 Killarney (2018 Rendezvous)
GB-52 (A) Once Over Lightly
GB-52.6 Killarney Bay
GB-53.2 Portage Cove
GB-60 Rattlesnake Harbor
H-10 Sauble River
H-10.5 Oliphant
H-11.4 Red Bay
H-11.5 Howdenvale
H-24 Hopkins Bay
H-25 Baptist Harbour
H-32 Providence Bay
H-45 Kitchener Island
H-47 Little Shelter Bay
H-48 Big Shoal Cove
H-49 Scammon Cove
H-49.5 Warners Cove
H-51 Island Harbor
H-60 Sebewaing
H-62 Linwood
H-68 Rockport
H-75.1 Bois Blanc Island
H-75.5 Indian River & Inland Route
H-81.2 Hessel
M-3 High Island
M-5.5 Bay Harbor
M-22 Muskegon
M-23 Grand Haven
M-32 Indiana Harbor
M-32.5 Hammond
M-33 Calumet Harbor
M-34 Jackson Park - Chicago
M-34.5 59th Street Harbor - Chicago
M-37 Monroe Harbor - Chicago
M-38 Diversey Harbor  - Chicago
M-40 Montrose Harbor  - Chicago
M-41 Wilmette Harbor
M-59 Charboneau Bay
M-62 Manistique
M-66 Naubinway
M-88.7 St. Martin
NC-85 Birch Island
O-2.7 Port Ontario
O-3 Oswego
O-24 Picton
O-33 Belleville
O-38 Waupoos (Smith Bay)
O-39 Long Point Harbor (Fisherman's Cove)
S-12 Lizard Islands
S-21 Pilot Harbour
S-30 Old Dave's Harbour
S-83 French Harbour
S-163 Washington Harbor
S-173 to S-180.5 Rock Harbor Area
S-191.17 Raspberry Bay
S-209 Lac La Belle
W-13 Erie Canal
87 reports     348 pages