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Complete 2017 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:
D-12 Marine City
D-22 Harsens Island
D-26 Mitchell Bay
D-30 Chatham and Thames River
D-42 Clinton River
D-58 Windsor
D-60 LaSalle
D-66 Wyandotte
D-80 Crystal Bay
E-11 Rocky River
E-16.4 Bay Point Area
E-16.6 Marblehead
E-20.5 Cooley Creek
E-20.7 Maumee State Park
E-3 Dunkirk
E-31 Port Stanley
GB-16 Thornbury
GB-18.8 Western Islands
GB-2 Russel Island Cove
GB-22 Midland
GB-24.1 Port Severn
GB-48.2 Sugar John Bay
GB-5 & GB 5.4 Little Cove & Driftwood Cove
GB-51.7 Winakaching Bay
GB-56 James Bay (New Report)
GB-7 Lion's Head
H-12 Pike Bay
H-13 Little Pike Bay
H-14 Stokes Bay
H-14.5 H-14.5 Irish Harbour
H-15 Greenough Harbour
H-16 Bradley Harbour
H-17 French Harbour
H-18 Little Pine Tree
H-19 Pine Tree Harbour
H-20 Johnston Harbour
H-21 Little Eagle Harbour
H-43 Rickett Harbour
H-56 Harbor Beach
H-58 Port Austin
H-74.5 Duncan Bay
H-75 Cheboygan
M-00 Lake Michigan Overview (New Report)
M-00.1 Lake Michigan (New Report)
M-1.1 Garden Island
M-1.5 Hog Island West
M-1.7 Hog Island East
M-101 Escanaba
M-109 Green Bay
M-12 Onema
M-13.5 Cathead Bay
M-14 Leland
M-15 South Manitou Island
M-15.5 Sleeping Bear Point
M-20 Pentwater, Michigan
M-72.5 Sturgeon Bay (2017 Rendezvous)
M-91 Fayette
NC-0.1 to NC-0.9 St. Mary's River (New Sub Report)
NC-17 Little Current
NC-18.5 Halfway Cove
NC-19.8 Bear's Back Harbour
NC-20 Amedroz Island
NC-20.5 Middleton Cove
NC-21.3 Beatty Bay
NC-66 Thessalon Island
O-42 Port Hope
O-42.5 Port of Newcastle
O-43 Oshawa Harbour
O-47 Bronte Harbour
O-48.5 Newport Harbour
O-49 Fifty-Point
O-5.5 Pultneyville
O-50 Grimsby
O-51 Jordan Harbour
O-6 Rochester
S-105 Helen Island
S-112 Root Bay
S-150.1 Passage Island
S-157 Lane Cove
S-191 Apostle Islands
S-193 La Pointe & Madeline Island
S-217 Marquette
S-61 Slate Islands
S-95.7 Pictographs
W-7 Rideau Canal
85 reports     355 pages