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Complete 2016 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.

Package Includes:
D-0 Intro to St. Clair and Detroit Rivers
D-33 Belle River
D-58 Windsor
D-82 Amherstburg
D-86 Bob Lo Island
E-1 Buffalo
E-10 Cleveland
E-16.5 Cedar Point
E-18 Put-in-Bay
E-20 Port Clinton
E-21 Toledo
E-21.3 North Maumee Bay
E-21.4 Ottawa River
E-21.8 Toledo Beach
E-22 Bolles Harbor
E-23 Monroe
E-23.5 Sandy Creek
E-23.7 Swan Creek
E-23.8 Lake Erie Metropark
GB-8 to GB-13.4 (Minor Harbors)
GB-14 Owen Sound
GB-25.10 Vitual Outside Channel
GB-29.75 Kumfort Island
GB-40.9 Byng Inlet
GB-41.2 Black Bay
GB-42 Henvey Inlet
GB-44 Bustard Islands
GB-46.5 Lodge Channel
H-7.5 Douglas Point
H-9 Southampton
H-39 Burnt Island & H-40 Belanger Bay
H-63 Tawas Bay
-- Beaver Group Overview
M-6.3 Boyne City
M-10 Traverse City
M-16 Frankfort
M-19 Ludington
M-29 Burns Waterway, Indiana
M-85 Intro Washington and Rock Islands
NC-2 Harbor Island (2016 Wilderness Rally)
NC2.1 Rogg Islands
NC-22.5 Crocker Island
NC-25.2 Armour Island
NC-26 Fréchette Island
NC-29.1 McNiel Cove
NC-32 McBean Harbour
NC-32.5 Dead-End Bay
NC-33 Gibson Cove
NC-34.1 Hotham Island West Harbour
NC-34.6 Hotham East Harbour
NC-40 Spanish
NC-44 Aird Island
NC-55 Turnbull Harbour
NC-68 St. Joseph Channel Area
NC-72 Richards Landing
O-12.5 Bay of Quinte Anchorages
O-35 Presqu'ile Bay (Brighton)
O-42.7 Port Darlington
O-48 Hamilton
S-62 Lawrence Bay
S-62.5 Lambton Cove
S-63 Horace Cove
S-63.5 Sunday Harbour
S-64 Patterson Cove
S-69.5 Ron's Cove
S-102 Shesheeb Bay
S-121 Porphyry Island
S-134 Thunder Bay
S-150 Isle Royale National Park
S-162.5 Huginnin Cove
S-175.3 Daisy Farm Camp
S-177 Mott Island
S-178 & S-179 Three-Mile and Tooker Island Camps
S-187 Duluth & Superior (2016 Rendezvous)
S-191.2 Bear Island
S-191.22 Devil's Island
S-191.31 Otter Island
S-191.51 Hermit Island
S-191.52 Basswood Island
S-191.7 Michigan Island
S-196.5 Montreal River
81 reports     355 pages