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Complete 2015 Update Package

As a special offer from our website, the update package is available printed in full color for $75 USD, plus shipping/handling.


Package Includes:

D-36 Anchor Bay
D-74 Grosse Ile
E-2 Cattaraugus Creek
E-16.7 East Harbor
GB-4 Dunks Bay
GB-19 Christian Harbor
GB-25 Honey Harbour
GB-25.2 Beausoleil
GB-41 Byng Inlet to Key Harbour
GB-42.6 Cherry Island Cutoff
GB-45 French River to Beaverstone
GB-45.1 French River
GB-46 Bad River
GB-49 Beaverstone Bay to Killarney
GB-54 Burnt Islands
GB-59 Club Harbour
H-2.7 Kettle Point
H-11 Fishing Harbour
H-38 Great Duck Island
H-39 Burnt Island & H-40 Belanger Bay
H-62.5 Au Gres
H-64.5 Harrisville
H-69 False Presque Isle
H-73 Rogers City (2015 Rendezvous)
H-74 Hammond Bay
M-9 Bowers Harbor
M-11 Suttons Bay
M-43 Waukegan
M-44 Kenosha
M-49 Manitowoc
M-50 Two Rivers
M-51 Kewaunee
M-52 Algoma
M-54 Bailey's Harbor
M-62.5 Seul Choix Point
M-93 Ghouleys Bay
M-94 Garden and Vans Harbor
M-100.5 S. Kipling
M-102 Ford River
NC-11.5 Bayard Island
NC-12 to NC-12.9 Bayfield Sound
NC-21.5 Clapperton Harbour
NC-25 Eagle Island
NC-27 Fox Island
NC-29 Bay of Islands
NC-38 Little Detroit
NC-62 Bigsby Island
NC-77 Heywood Island (Browning Cove area)
NC-81.5 Gord Blake Island
NC-88.5 Crooked Arc Bay
NC-90 Boat Passage (Dreamer's Rock)
O-14 Collins Bay
O-20 Glenora
O-25 Hay Bay
O-27 Deseronto
S-2.5 Gros Cap Dock
S-3 Goulais Bay
S-13 Beatty Cove
S-39 Gib Harbour (and S-40 Cave Harbour)
S-41 Fish Harbour
S-51 Happy Harbour
S-79 Wickham Harbor (New)
S-96 Nipigon
S-96.7 Fluor Island West Bay (New)
S-97.5 Lamb Island Light
S-99 Agate Cove
S-109 Chapleau Island
S-114 Hanbury Island
S-122 Edward Island Harbour
S-125 Ariel Island
S-143 Cosgrave Bay
S-151 Duncan Bay
S-152 to S-158 Amygdaloid Area
S-153 & S-154 Five Finger & Stockly Bays
S-155 Belle Isle
S-165 Fisherman's Home
S-166 Hay Bay
S-172 Chippewa Harbor
S-174 Conglomerate and Tonkin Bays
S-175.5 Edisen Fishery
S-176 Caribou Island Camp
S-182.3 Wauswaugoning Bay
S-182.4 Grand Portage Bay
S-190 Cornucopia
S-197 Black River
SLR-Appendix B Locks and Bridges
SLR-Appendix C St. Lawrence River Anchorages
SLR-Appendix D
St. Lawrence River - Canadian Side
W-1 Illinois Waterway
W-11 Lake Champlain
W-13.5 Hudson River
W-13A Erie Cruise
92 reports     355 pages